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Professional Training
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Scott Schmidt is a maker and exhibits production manager at the Smithsonian.

At Smithsonian Institution Exhibits, Scott’s team provides the Smithsonian community and affiliates with an array of exhibits services. These include Design and Editing, Project Administration, Graphics, Fabrication, Crating, Model Work, Mount making, Collections Management, and 3D Scanning and Digitization.

Since 2009, he has worked with the Science for Monks program in India to collaborate with monastics in the creation of exhibits that visually represent a new dialogue between Tibetan monastics and western science. At Smithsonian, he has developed and fabricated many unique exhibits, including casework for the “Our Peoples” Hall at the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI).

Before joining Smithsonian, Scott owned and operated a business specializing in the design and fabrication of fine furniture, and prototype development services for 25 years.


Science for Monks   Active

Smithsonian works with the Sager Foundation and the Exploratorium to build science capacity in Tibetan monastic communities through the Science for Monks program. The program fulfills a mandate from His Holiness the Dalai Lama to create a mutually beneficial dialogue between Tibetan Buddhist practices and modern science.